Behavioral Interview eLearning Course

A comprehensive introduction to the behavioral interviewing process for hiring managers, recruiters, HR professionals, or anyone involved in the recruiting or hiring process within their organization.


Leading Effectively in Difficult Times

As a leader, everyone is watching you. What you say and do set the tone for how people show up and perform at work. With current events, now is a critical time for dialogue and action planning to lead your organization in the short and long term.


Addressing Racism in the Workplace

A thought-provoking, 60-minute conversation between Kelly Keefe, President of ERC and Dalithia Smith, Vice President, Human Resource of Oatey.


De-escalating Conflict in the Workplace

Civil unrest and COVID-19 have stretched businesses and organizations in new and different ways. Leaders, managers, and HR professionals are now being confronted with difficult conversations and conflicts that they might not feel equipped to handle.


How to Safely Operate and Manage Employee Relations and HR Concerns

As Ohio’s economy slowly reopens, employers are taking a serious look at how to safely return to work. Many leaders are weighing their options and seeking guidance from local health officials as well as organizations that have already reopened.


Communication in the Workplace eLearning Course

This course introduces the concept of how to communicate with credibility and confidence, and how to take steps toward improving workplace conversations.