About Behavioral Interview eLearning Course

The Behavioral Interview eLearning Course includes 1.5 hours of content separated into five lessons. The course provides a comprehensive introduction to behavioral interviewing for hiring managers, recruiters, HR professionals, or anyone involved in the recruiting or hiring process within their organization.

The lessons are organized by the phases of a behavioral interview. Learn how to improve your hiring success rate with the right preparation, practice navigating the in-person interview, and participate in the candidate evaluation process with confidence. Complete the course with a graded post-assessment to test your knowledge of the content.

The lessons are accompanied by downloadable resources, including custom templates and sample forms you can apply immediately to your interview process.


This course offers the benefits of virtual training plus engaging and interactive real-world scenarios. The course illustrates key concepts through a variety of media: watch example behavioral interviews unfold over video and participate in character-based scenarios. Explore the consequences of your decisions in a safe environment. Learn the information at your own pace in small manageable units designed to increase knowledge retention.

You can access the course anytime, anywhere with your desktop or mobile device. The course is optimized for both desktop and mobile viewing. You can return to completed content an unlimited number of times during your subscription period.

By the end of the course, you will have the framework needed to develop your own tools, processes, and best practices for qualifying candidates.

Learning Objectives 

Planning the Interview (Part 1)

  • Analyze a job description to determine the required competencies and abilities for the position
  • Prepare a conversation that focuses on a candidate's skills, knowledge, and abilities
  • Distinguish between core questions and probing follow-up questions
  • Recognize inappropriate and ineffective interview questions that could derail your hiring efforts

Planning the Interview (Part 2)

  • Evaluate your interview questions to ensure they are “S.O.C.” (Specific. Objective. Consistent.)
  • Refine your questions using the S.T.A.R. method (Situation. Task. Action. Results.)
  • Put the Learning Probes (LP) method of questioning into practice
  • Use behavioral questions to gauge a candidate’s learning agility

Conducting the Interview

  • Establish rapport with, and foster a supportive environment for, a candidate
  • Recognize elements in the environment conducive to a successful interview, and what to avoid
  • Analyze exchanges with the candidate as they unfold to ensure you are gathering appropriate information
  • Reflect on your performance as interviewer while the interview is still happening and course correct, if necessary

Evaluating the Interview

  • Spontaneously evaluate candidate responses against the desired behavioral themes
  • Utilize an evaluation form to streamline candidate comparison
  • Recognize common biases and errors in candidate evaluation
  • Organize and participate in a group debrief meeting for thorough candidate evaluation

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