Learn how to communicate and listen more effectively.

About ERC's Communication Training Course

Throughout this Communication training, participants learn how to build relationships in order to develop communication skills, listening skills, and conversation and nonverbal strategies.

Participants receive access to communication training videos, a participant guide to follow along with, and additional resources to promote continued education after the training.

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What will you learn from this training course?

Here are some of the key learning points that will be discussed in this course

What it means to communicate meaningfully and listen actively as a supervisor or manager

Social Styles

Learn about social styles and how to adapt to others’ styles for better, more effective communication

Verbal & Non-Verbal

The influences of body language, tone of voice, and other factors on verbal communication


<strong>Samantha</strong> <strong>Marx</strong>
Samantha Marx

Meet Your Instructor

Samantha Marx manages ERC's Client Service practices and has over ten years of experience with event management and facilitation, learning and development, and client services. She is especially passionate about developing supervisors and future leaders as well as making a positive difference in the workplace.

What have others said about this course?

Tiffany LaSavage, PHR, Training Supervisor
Equity Trust in Cleveland, OH

"I appreciate ERC’s time and dedication to making our employees more informed and more comfortable in knowing what’s expected of them regarding proper behavior, etiquette, and respect in the workplace through ERC's Supervisory Training Certificate Series."

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